Loose & Quick

There will be more daily quick and loose works coming soon; I intend on making this a daily practice to improve my skills. Plein Aire season is starting so that will be a good motivator.

This weekend I will be painting live at Airdrie Alberta, Genesis Place Gymnasium with the Airdrie Arts Society for “ARTWARS” a friendly competition, people’s choice award. See the poster below.

This is painted from life, she sat for 2 hours with breaks.

Cherly Vogue  5 x 7

This was painted from a photo that I took (what a fun day) and the painting took an hour.


This is the poster of what is happening for me this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Loose & Quick

  1. This was a great event. Cheryl sat for me and wore her traditional Oriental dress, I will make a post about it soon. This is such a busy time right now with the weather being so lovely. I appreciate all of you on here. Thank you for your continued support.


  2. Great portraits Heather! And what fun this sounds like! I have always found daily painting so much fun and so worthwhile when I have done it in the past. Wish I could be there with you to join in! Looking forward to seeing all your new creations!! ~Rita

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    1. Thank you Rita, it was so fun and it would have been great to have you here too…anytime 🙂 Lately I have been working on some larger paintings mostly flowers for placement in a business, they will be there for a few months. Today I am exhausted so I’m planning on taking it easy, I think I shall watch a DVD on painting 😀 yes a great way to relax.


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