A Pseudo-Graffiti Painting and a Video

Do you all remember the post I made about painting a large profile photo of a client? Well I finally took the time to make a video about BOTH the painting and the photo session. This gives you an idea of what I was talking about. Enjoy….BTW I LOVE your feedback. Thanks for taking time out to visit. Please click the link below to see the video. Hugs to all.


8 thoughts on “A Pseudo-Graffiti Painting and a Video

  1. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for sharing this great video! It really gives me a wonderful sense of your process which is really fascinating. I really liked to see the painting come to life and how you incorporate photography and painting together. Best of luck in getting future projects like this! ~Rita


    1. Thank you Rita- this is a very different type of painting than what I normally do (I’m sure you can appreciate that). I have plans for sure…and funny thing is my plans oscillate between whether I want the finished product to be a painting of the photo or a photo with the painting šŸ˜‰

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    1. Ah I am so glad you enjoyed that, I personally love watching videos of people’s work in progress, so I have made some of my own.

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  2. Hi Heather, I was just dropping over here from my reader, to look at your lovely work. Accidentally pressed on that follow thingy, so had to press on follow again! If you see the just started following email…you’ll know why! This is my second look at this video – love it! All the best, Janette šŸ™‚


    1. Hi Janette, thank you for stopping by and all of that. I’m so happy that you like the video. I have more coming and work has taken over my time it’s all coming together though and soon will be balanced out.:)

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