Helping Children Escape…or is it Discovering Life?

I love children. I have my children who are all grown up now, and my grandchildren plus a new baby granddaughter on the way and I am happy about that. When the last of my 5 children were younger I decided that I needed to home school them for various reasons. The sheer joy I got from seeing them learn something new was phenomenal; the satisfaction that I felt was bursting inside of me.
I taught art classes in schools, at art centers and in my own studio for several years, that was another time period where I was filled with that deep sense of accomplishment when these students soared in their creativity and at that time I felt that my life was so meaningful…(yes there are times that I lose sight of that).

When I saw this article that a friend of mine shared, I felt confirmed that what I chose to do in teaching my own children academics and art at home as well as art for other children, had possibly been quite an important commitment that I made for over 19 years. I often imagine (especially when I needed a boost) that the children I taught would grow up and remember the good things that they learned from me and that they would have fond memories or felt inspired by something that I may have brought their way…well perhaps that is the case and maybe I will find out one day, if I am meant to.

Here are some images of some art students.
D still life painting _2792


Here is the article.
View at

Enjoy and have fun creating, happy painting.

6 thoughts on “Helping Children Escape…or is it Discovering Life?

  1. It is always such a pleasure to read your posts Heather. I can always relate! Congrats on the pending of arrival of your grand-daughter! I am expecting TWIN grand-daughters at any moment now! Exciting. I really loved this post. I too taught children art, and have similar feelings. (we do have a lot in common don’t we!) Those were really good times, and I too have often thought about the kids now years later. I used to think that I was trying to teach creativity… a lifelong passion that they would cherish. This article was terrific. I worry that “art” is soon to be a dying art. With kids hooked up to computers just about from birth, how do they stand a chance? Sad. Thanks for sharing this. ~Rita


    1. Isn’t that so nice, I feel the same way Rita, we are definitely connected. WOW Twins! Congratulations!!! It is so exciting to see our children having families of their own. I am so impressed how parallel our lives are. I am hoping that the children I (we) taught will carry desire to live in the real rather than the virtual and that they impress that upon others. 🙂 I know when my teenage granddaughter comes over she always loves to paint with me so to me that gives me hope for the future generations. 🙂 Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing your experiences too. 🙂

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      1. Isn’t that wonderful that you get to paint with your teenage granddaughter! Yes, I too hope that the children we taught will carry that desire to live in the “real” world. I can only hope. Sadly, I see less and less arts programs here though. Not only arts, but all forms of creativity and using ones hands. I have been crocheting the soon to be twins baby blankets and was realizing that this too may be a dying craft. A shame. Sorry to have gone on and on here…. should have sent this in an email! Thanks again for such an interesting post. ~Rita


        1. Funny how some things get lost…and usually they are precious things like this comment. I don’t mind at all that it is longer than some, I actually quite like that. I agree with you that spending time with our chidlren and grandchildren is so valuable. I think you’re right that hand made things seem to be going by the wayside…but they will then become more precious. Thanks Rita.

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  2. Absolutely lovely. I used to let the younger members of my family paint all my picture window/sliders for the holidays. I hope I still have those photos for this reminds me of that. Your students are so focused and ‘in the zone’.


    1. That is lovely, I did that too, I hope you can find the photos they ware treasures. 🙂 Yes these budding artists are so focused I love watching these little people create, it is such a great experience all around.

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