Paintings in Photography – Inspired by Gustav Klimt.

Here are the results of my paintings that were inspired by Gustav Klimt. This is an awesome and very involved project. I feel as though there is a whole world that lies underneath this inspiration and my finished product cannot keep up with all of my ideas. Once I get a refined flow happening, I’m sure that even though it will still be very involved, I will be able to reach the finish line much quicker (hoping so anyway.)

In the last months I have been fine tuning my portrait studio with some painting and organizing, meeting with clients and models, learning new work flow techniques, tending to my dad who has been quite ill and just regular everyday life. Speaking of a busy life did I mention I am going to be a grandma (gramma) again? I’m so excited about that cute little bundle of joy arriving.

About this painting / portrait. In stage one I painted the two canvases as you may have seen in my other post, if not here is the link

I then had set up a photo session with my daughter Cheryl, I had Carolina one of my make-up artists come in and my friend/assistant Kathy come in to help with this shoot. It was so much fun!

Here are two of the photos that I was satisfied with and I intend to paint both of them…yes that is the intention. I create paintings to incorporate into my photography and then use them as my subjects for paintings. This is an elaborate way to get to the finished piece, but to me it is more satisfying knowing the process. I understand that all of this could have been accomplished in a program such as Photoshop, and I love Photoshop for many reasons, but I had to paint the props / backgrounds myself that is just who I am.

C GC2 BL_5763


21 thoughts on “Paintings in Photography – Inspired by Gustav Klimt.

  1. gorgeous! your daughter is beautiful 🙂 love that blue!! wow! I like your ‘hands ON’ processes … yes, time consuming, but done in person it imparts a bit of you that perhaps photoshop may not. imo 🙂 wonderful art images!!


    1. Thank you Deb, I agree it is all about process and I love, love, love to do it. Thank you for your continual input. I did one of the first studies today on a small canvas so we will see how this goes. 🙂

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        1. Thanks Deb, I hope so too, I managed to get a small sketch done. Yes saying hi does make a difference, thankfully, I have actually been able to take a bit of time out to visit your blog and others….it is always nice to hear from you…thanks for sticking with me, I intend to stop by your blog more often. 🙂


  2. I so admire your vision Heather. Being able to know what you want to do, and then going after it. And not taking the easy way to the finish, as in just doing the backgrounds in photoshop. I love the backgrounds, and I can’t wait to see your paintings when they are finished. From the looks of the poses, combined with your artistic style I am imagining that they are going to be stunning!! Sorry to hear about your Dad by the way…. and congrats on being a gramma again! Ah life, it really does get in the way of the creative process though doesn’ t it? ~Rita


    1. Hellllloooo Rita! :D, how nice of you to comment. I sure love that you appreciate and understand what I am aiming for. You’re right about life getting in the way; my life seems to be all over the place sometimes, I am on the path, but then there are all of these little side-roads along the way that take up time, yet they are all connected so thankfully I am still on the path. If I could paint as fast as I imagine I would have accomplished so much by now; but the beauty is that I do see progress and I suppose that is what is important.
      Thank you for thinking of my dad, he is doing somewhat better now so I am glad about that, I’ll just keep an eye on him. You are a sweet friend, I am looking forward to the day we meet. Thank you for your encouragement and for cheering me on.

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      1. Glad your Dad is doing better. I appreciate your support as well!! 🙂
        Hmm… painting as fast as one imagines… wouldn’t that be lovely!! But then all of the ups and downs from the process would be lost. And I so enjoy watching your process! Looking forward to seeing your updates. ~Rita


        1. Thank you Rita I’m glad he is better too. I see what you mean, yes process is a vital part of the finished product; like life I would venture to say.
          I shared your sale, I hope it brings you some lovely clients. I pray your family time is a nice restful, peaceful time and that you will experience much joy. :)Thanks for always being here.

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            1. Thank you Rita. How are you? We had been away for a while, drove to Ca to see some friends. Life is slowly getting back to normal lol. I hope you are doing well and experiencing many blessings.

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              1. Hi Rita, so glad to hear that you are doing well. I know how life can get overwhelmingly busy at times. Yes we had an awesome trip to Ca and I am so glad we did that. I have many photos taken from inside the car lol…I know sounds odd, but I couldn’t help myself and that was so much fun for me, especially on the winding roads near Placerville. 🙂 My plan is to paint from as many of those photos as possible. I’m so looking forward to your new work and blogs. Hugs 🙂


              2. 😀 it is totally a great thing to do, I have a title for the series that I will do…it’s just that I am not sure when I will get to do it. Thanks.

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