Have you ever been in a sleep and had such a vivid dream that you see it so clearly…and in color? I have them all the time, sometimes I may even take the time to write them down; I find it helps to bring them back to life when I read about them months or years down the road.

I had another such dream last night and I am so excited to paint that one…but for now let me tell you about this one.
As you all know I am working on my two passions, painting and photography. I had a lovely lady that was scheduled to come in for a portrait session. About 12 days before the session I saw, in my dream, that I needed to paint her profile photo on a giant canvas and shoot her portrait in front of it. The idea was that I wanted it to be like a painted wall, well it isn’t as big as a wall, maybe next time I can do that.
I have to say I am so happy with this one and her portraits turned out great, I have some post work to do and after she views them, then I will post some on here.
For now, I get to share the painting.

Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and for all of your patient support and love.
48x60 Andrea

18 thoughts on “Andrea

    1. hi there Janette, It’s so nice to hear from you. Yes, it does look like pointillism to me too, or a mosaic (I used to do that). I have always had this element in my work of small bits making up a whole, I think it has to do with my desire to belong in some way. There are so many things that I am discovering about myself through the process of art, whether it is painting or photography (or any other medium) I can see a common thread in all of it. πŸ™‚

      I will attempt to post and visit everyone’s blogs more often and it is always nice to see your posts as well Janette.

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      1. Hi Heather, thanks for your lovely comment. Just had another look around your blog – nice to get past the WordPress reader sometimes, and revisit some blogs! You are so skilled and talented; both in painting and photography – spied some of your great photos on your facebook page. πŸ™‚ I agree, the making of art can be an exciting journey of discovery, in so many ways……
        I’m certainly discovering lately, just the joy of playing more, and making patterns…I began trying out some sort of commercial ideas – not something I really target – for works on my RedBubble shop. I thought I’d enjoy it, however, I was surprised how much fun, and how relaxing it was just puddling around on my iPad doing these designs. The element of fun, I think is always so important in art. I aim to share a post soon about RedBubble and these recent ventures. Cheerio for now, Janette. πŸ™‚


        1. hi Janette, I didn’t realize that I missed this comment, sorry about that. You are so generous to leave such a lovely bouquet of compliments πŸ™‚ I will look for you on FB, glad you could visit me there. I will check out your RedBubble Shop too. I’ve been seeing all that you post here and I am going to have to make a more determined effort to stop by and leave you some lovely comments too. Have a fantastic day.

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            1. we get busy yes…or if you’re like me, you miss a comment, or 5, along the way. WOW I can’t believe that this was sitting here all along. Thank you so much for your continued support Janet.

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            1. Well that’s just it, there are so many things going on at once. πŸ™‚ Thank you, it has been in some ways, I’ve been working on my new website and logo which is creative just not as messy lol πŸ™‚
              I hope you also had a highly creative, inspired day.

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  1. Wow Heather! this is spectacular! I love the pointillism, and the life that exudes from this woman! You can feel your passion for your work in every dab. Thanks for sharing this. As always, its such a treat to see your work. ~Rita


    1. oh wow, hi Rita, Thank you so much for the very descriptive comment. πŸ™‚ Yes she does have a great smile, I will post some photos of this beautiful lady soon. That passion is definitely there, I’m glad you recognized it. You really need to move closer to me πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hi Deb, Thank you for taking time to leave such an encouraging comment it is always nice to hear what you and others have to say. She has a contagious smile for sure, I don’t usually paint smiles, but this photo of her was just had to be captured on a large canvas; it was especially fun to do. πŸ™‚

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        1. Yes Deb you are so right, well I realize that I am all over the place and I need to be more faithful and diligent about being with all of you on here, my blog doesn’t nag me like some sites so it is like a patient friend who waits for me to think about coming to spend time here. I need to visit the blogs of all those that I am ‘following’….and actually follow. πŸ™‚ I Will make that a priority and set aside time every week to visit you and all of my friends online.

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            1. Well that is another option Deb, for me it is other responsibilities like my dad…and work πŸ™‚ Painting is a need that I have…a deep need, I would love to be doing more of it too.

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