Blue and Blue Two

It has been so exciting and inspirational to paint these two beauties. They came about because of my desire to create stunning portraits by using hand painted canvases as backdrops….marrying two art forms that I am deeply involved with.

I have so many ideas of making unique fine art portraits using beautiful paintings running through my head…I just need to get all the other work done first so that I can free up some time to do it.

I will keep you posted as to my progress and am eagerly waiting to bring to life my portraits using these two canvases.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement and thank you all for sharing my experiences.

Blue Two
24″ x 48″

Blue Two

24″ x 48″

10 thoughts on “Blue and Blue Two

    1. hi Rita, thank you, it is so fun and as you can tell (I’m sure) I have been so busy …but I must post and check on my fav blog more often. I will be visiting yours too very soon. 🙂 Yes it is a journey, the best part is that I am able to work on both of my passions at the same time, I love it. Thanks for stopping in. ❤

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