Rare Hand-Painted Canvases

I was invited to show some of my work last summer at an annual art show in Inglewood. It was so much fun to set up my work and see people’s responses. My friend who invited me had pointed out that she saw similarities in my work and the work of Gustav Klimt.

the Road to Emmaus 2 DSC_6143

Above you can see some of my work from 2012 and 2008

path of trees-14 trees-14


Gustav Klimt’s work …I know mine is not to be compared, but the idea of the small dabs of paint is what I find so beautiful one day I may be able to reach the quality of Gustav’s work.

I had no idea that he did tiny dots and tress…oooo his trees are so beautiful to me. So 1 year later it sinks in and I am inspired 🙂 Here is my goal.

I am no stranger to painting on a large format. Walls were one of my favorite surfaces to paint on. I discovered that I absolutely love the smooth surface for some paintings and for other types of paintings my preference is texture.

The purple wall is one that I did some years ago. It has 7 layers of paint and all of the textural quality was done using only my hands…no brushes, sponges or rollers. I did, however, wear cloves to protect my skin.

bedroom mural _6561

This image has different lighting and that is why the colors look different.

Below you can see some close up shots of the wall, these shots were taken with natural light.

section mural _4130 section mural large_4178 section mural_4123 section mural_4128 section mural_4134

Well I am at it again, yesterday I did a couple of sample miniature paintings just to get the feel of the layers, you can see those here.

minis_4175 mini blue_4155   mini sample mural _4138

These two images below are test shots.

Mini BD sample_4152mini BD sample4148


I have this huge desire to paint giant unique backdrops which I will use for some photography sessions.

I am looking for the perfect outfits to develop my idea for these backdrops. They are inspired by Gustav Klimt…I think I will do a blue/purple one on two 24 x 48 panels, but for the gold I imagine it will be a six or seven foot by 5 feet. I am so excited to do that one. As for the lighter blue, I’m not sure how I want to create that one or one similar to it. I have a dream …I see these not so much as backdrops but paintings themselves. I see cobblestone, pebbles, ripples in water…stars…petals floating in the air…raindrops. Oh how lovely this is going to be fun.


Blue 12gold-11








16 thoughts on “Rare Hand-Painted Canvases

  1. Hi all, I would like to know if any of you are having this experience. Every time I am creating a new post, I preview it before ever publishing. This seems like a smart thing to do, the problem is that every time I hit the preview button, WordPress sends me an email notification of that preview and calls it an edit. I have had some people unfollow me because of this and it is quite frustrating. Do any of you have this problem and if so how can I stop it from happening? Thanks for your follows and shares.


    1. HI Heather, beautiful paintings! I do preview non stop on my posts & don’t get emails. Maybe in the settings and notifications set up dashboard you can reset what you get notified for? I did that quite awhile ago, so I wasn’t getting emails every 5 seconds 🙂 hope that works for you. I’d think all people would have to do tho, if they had a problem – is to Change their preference on how they got notified of your ‘news/updates’…. I think!


      1. thanks Deb, the notifications were of every little thing I did in the creation of the post. About emails from other blogs I think it would be great to get notifications of specific responses to a comment made on blogs but not everyone’s comments because that can get very difficult to manage. Thanks for the thoughts I’ll check the settings.

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    1. Thank you Cindy, Those are just two images of the work that Gustav Klimt did, I am inspired y them and started working on my inspiration today. 🙂 2 – 24 x 48 canvases…it’s coming along beautifully.

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  2. Hi Heather, No, I have not had that problem with the posts, so I am sorry I can’t help you there. Your work looks absolutely stunning here. I love the pointillism pieces. They are incredibly expressive. They must look even more spectacular in person. I love gustav Klimt’s work, and I can see why your friend was reminded of him when she saw yours. Looking forward to seeing where you go with your ideas, and as always thanks for sharing your lovely pieces. They are truly inspirational!! ~Rita


    1. Hi Rita,
      I’m so glad to hear that you haven’t had that problem, hopefully no one has. You know I so appreciate your comments. I’m glad you enjoy my work 🙂 I have so much that I want to say about this type of work and my thoughts on all of the smaller parts making up the whole. I have come to realize so much about the work I have been doing all of my life that I am excited to share. You know Rita, you have been an inspiration too, I so enjoy going to your blog to see what is happening in your life and one day I am looking forward to meeting you.

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      1. I can’t wait to see more of what you are going to do with this Heather. The pieces here are really exquisite. I enjoy hearing the excitement you have in your work. You have been an inspiration to me as well, and I would look forward to one day crossing the country lines and meeting! In the meantime, I will stay tuned to your blog which I am enjoying so much. Have a great weekend. ~Rita


        1. Hi Rita,
          Thank you for your positive comments.
          I am so excited to show the two paintings that I did for my photo session that I’m working toward. They were so fun to do and have sparked a desire in me to paint more abstract paintings. 🙂
          I find you are an inspiration to me too; I would love to meet you and paint together. The only thing that has been a challenge for me these days is finding time to do everything I want and need to do. I will be posting more soon, thanks again my friend.

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  3. If you go to your WordPress dashboard and point to the Settings icon (the one with up and down arrows), a menu will appear with an item called Email Post Changes. I suspect you’ve inadvertently checked the box for “Email changes to drafts, not just published items.”


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