The Drawing


There is not any present moment that is unconnected with some future one. The life of every man is a continued chain of incidents, each link of which hangs upon the former.  (Joseph Addison)


Marks on canvas

Shadows and light

Connected together

Creating the drawing

The foundation

A base for the painting.

Just as the present moment is connected to the future moments,

so are the edges,

the lines,

the smudges

all in relationship to each other

which brings life to the form which ones eye has seen…

a time past,

a moment gone by,

captured for the future

in a relentless gaze of the innocent asking

what is waiting for me?


~Heather Dawn

20 thoughts on “The Drawing

    1. Hi Janette, thank you so much for stopping by and for commenting. I’m glad you like the poem and drawing. I found that sometimes, if I just sit quietly and listen, and allow myself to pour out the thoughts in my heart it can be a poetic experience for me; I find that it is like that with drawing and painting as well. If I am not mistaken I think that might be similar to your experience, is that the case, I would be interested in hearing your perspective. 🙂

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      1. Thank you, Heather for your return comment. I think it is a similiar experience for me. Sometimes a picture doesn’t say all I want it to; and I just have to add some words. And quite often I write some words..a poem..and doesn’t feel or look finished unless I illustrate it…all of it, can be such mysterious process at times! Have fun creating! Cheerio, Janette.


        1. I know what you mean Janette, I feel that every piece I do is for a purpose and so I try to write something for the viewer so that they may be able to see the deeper meaning behind the work. I’ve been to your page often and I see that you are very consistent in your expression, your hand is quite visible; it is all about our own energy and messages that we want to convey in my opinion. Happy creating to you too. 🙂

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    1. Sand Salt Moon 🙂 they are my daughter’s eyes, this drawing is from a photo that my son took of her a few years back; she is very expressive and I often wonder what the young people are feeling and thinking about especially when it comes to the issues of their future.

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        1. Thanks Cindy, She is my last child at home and it’s been a sweet pleasure getting to know her as a human being. At times it is bittersweet seeing our adult children making their own decisions and choices as life goes on. This one is very expressive and her eyes do tell more than she may know 😉 Thanks for stopping by, I enjoy visiting your blog as well. Have fun blogging on.

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    1. Thank you so much Mary for the kind words I do appreciate them and you. She does have many wonderful qualities and I am really enjoying her as she grows into this beautiful young woman. I am planning on painting more children and younger people staring with my family. I think of the young people all over the world and pray for them as they are all facing such a questionable future.

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        1. Mary, thank you so much. I am in the process of painting this one right now (have taken a few days off) and I am excited to do more….that is a very nice compliment from you it is encouraging.


  1. This is really a beautiful way of symbolically capturing life’s movements. To me it speaks of choice, perspective, growth, passion, introspect…on the canvass that is before us….that keeps filling in, the movements~


    1. Hi Tammy, thank you for stopping by and for your thoughtful comments. Your evaluation of what I’ve drawn and written is precisely that…it’s nice to connect with others who get it.

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    1. Oh Janette…you are so sweet!!! Thank you for that, how encouraging! I have been occupied visiting my dad at the hospital lately and haven’t done any work, he had open heart surgery. I hope to be back in the awing of things soon. I appreciate you Janette…thank you. 🙂

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        1. Hi Janette, You are so kind to remember me and my dad. It has been a very long time since I have been on here and it is because I have been so busy. My dad is not able to drive for 6 weeks post op, he is not supposed to push or pull etc…so we have all been pitching in to help him through this. Time well spent. 🙂 In between times I have had a few opportunities to do some photography again. I am planning on sharing some of that also…hopefully soon. Thanks again. Hopefully I will get around to seeing everyone’s blogs again in the near future.

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          1. Hi Heather, glad to hear your dad is doing better. Thanks for sharing that. I know about having to “pitch in”. My dear dad died a few years ago, and all us adult kids 🙂 helped mum, have him at home with her, as long as possible. Mum’s actually sitting here now, she’s nearly 87..she’s lovely..It’s precious time to be with family…you sound like a good daughter. 🙂 Look forward to seeing more of your lovely work, when you get time to do a post. All the best, Janette. 🙂


            1. Hi Janette, I’m sorry for your loss, I do understand that too as my mom passed away in ’07 and I miss her and think of her often. My dad lives about an hour from me and my other siblings live further all except one, she is staying with him at this time. That is so great that you have this time with your mom too. You sound like a good daughter 🙂 we all try to do our best, my dad says he doesn’t want to be a bother…I tell him that he was always there for me and so I want to be there for him…besides, isn’t that what love is about? 🙂 Thank you again for your kindness…hug your mum. (love that, my youngest daughter, the one in the drawing, calls me ‘mum’ she thinks it sounds like we are closer somehow …oh how I love her. 🙂 bye for now, it’s late so I’m off to bed.

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