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I met Valerie at the PureNorth S’energy Foundation. She is so sweet and attentive. The very first time I went to the Dental Clinic I handed her my card and months later when I went for the Tennant Clinic [pain relief] she remembered me which made me feel good.

I couldn’t help but notice that she has much the same taste in her style of dress as my youngest daughter and so this was the beginning of my topic of conversation with her. She is a very gentle and caring young lady and I felt that there was an instant connection with her.

I invited Valerie to come over to my studio for a portrait painting session, I admitted that I need all the practice I can get painting from life, she agreed to do that. Today was the big day, she sat patiently for me and we had a good time. We talked about many different topics and that really touches my heart because she is near the same age as my children, so to have a young person converse with me is very rewarding.

I pray that she was equally rewarded by having this experience, because making memories and having experiences is what it is all about. I hope to give back to her many times over in the near future through classes. It was the beginning of hopefully many more sessions. 🙂

Thank you Valerie.


6 thoughts on “Valerie

        1. 🙂 of course Rita, as always positive feedback grows good things. I’ve got to visit your page and grow some good things there 🙂

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