My Dad’s Driveway

winter at dad's
winter at dad’s

Going out to my dad’s at any time of year will always prove to be a beautiful experience. I love the country, not only is it peaceful but there are so many stunning views in a landscape full of simplistic, delicate, natural beauty.

This is one of those times when the sunset was just so breathtakingly soft yet warm, shining onto the snow, displaying intimate, soft pastel colours contrasted against the naked trees and bushes.

It is so satisfying for me to paint thin layers of paint onto the canvas and see the bounty of life’s blessings come alive.

6 thoughts on “My Dad’s Driveway

    1. HI Rita, Thank you so much for stopping by, reaching out and taking time to comment. I am looking forward to seeing what your blog is all about, all the best to you.

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        1. 😀 thank you Rita…I feel inspired and blessed, this is what I was meant to be doing. I also am looking forward to seeing more of you and your work. Have a great day tomorrow and every day.

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