Alla Prima – 90 Minute – Math 30-1

math exam
90 Minute Math

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Sometimes you just have to do it…the time isn’t ideal, the situation isn’t ideal and you just have to take the plunge…ok that might sound a bit exciting, a bit scary and even daunting to some.

What I am talking about is this situation where I have wanted to paint a portrait of my daughter for the longest time BUT she is as elusive as a Snowy Owl …so when she was writing a math exam, even though she didn’t sit “still” and pose for me, I managed to capture a painting from of her, Alla Prima style  😉

The trick was to not let her know what I was up to and to be very calm; she thought I was painting an image from my computer screen.

For me 90 minutes isn’t long enough, but being plunged into a situation and taking advantage of the moment, I actually found that my senses were heightened somewhat and things happened in the painting that were more intuitive than anything else.

When she was done the exam and saw what I had been up to she laughed and seemed quite ok with it all, for me it was so much fun.

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