Nighttime at Bowness Park Before the Flood.

The new painting that you see below is titled “Trees at Night”; it is done with thick painterly strokes using a palette knife and brushes. Take a close look, the colors are deep and lush, mimicking gems, they are alive with rich, vivid pigments.

There was a flood that caused a lot of damage in Calgary last June. [see link below] One place that is still affected is Bowness Park.

Bowness Park was one of our favorite parks to go to on a weekly basis; they were hit hard by this flood. I was at the park one night while there was still snow on the ground before the flood; I was taking photos of the trees. I shone my headlights into the trees to see what effects it would have in my photos, this painting is inspired from those photos.

I have fond memories of Bowness Park and those times were special to me because it was a place where I could go to have some quiet time. We would often walk the paths and there were sections of the park where we felt as though we were not in the city….almost.

There will be many more paintings to come from the inspiration and impact that Bowness Park had on me and my family.

Painting this yesterday was very freeing for me. I have been in somewhat of a holding pattern lately because I desire to go out and paint but it is not always possible, especially right now with the weather being so cold. Hopefully one day soon I can take the Westy Van out to do some plein air painting from it with the heat on.

Style: Impressionism

Oil on panel

10″ X 12″


Contact: Heather at for pricing, questions, requests or commissions.

Trees at night.
Trees at night.


3 thoughts on “Nighttime at Bowness Park Before the Flood.

    1. I agree it is sad, however there is the other side of the park that is still quite beautiful amid the disaster of the flood. I have many plans to paint more from this Park.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this and posting your kind comments. 🙂


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